Beautiful bacterium

Good-BacteriaI live on human skin, but humans don’t love me. Well I don’t love them either, it’s just that in some place you ought to live right? Nobody ever chooses where to live; have you chosen to live on planet earth? Have you chosen to be 4 feet 15 inch tall? have warm blood and a heart and a nervous system? Well I bet not. So did I. I have not chosen to live on human skin, to be tiny as hell on a huge planet and to be hated and beaten and scrubbed and attacked by just any kind of chemical agent humans have invented. But this doesn’t change the fact that I live on human skin and care for myself and for my family. Of course I care for the human who lends me her skin too, I try to disturb her as little as I can so that we can carry on without much trouble. After all, I need her!
I reside on her right hand on the inner face of palm right at the base of her index, this gives me a good point of view both for the bottom and the top of the world, which in my case means her alone.
Sometimes when I look up I find her face relaxed, she’s driving her car, listening to good music (although a little too loud). Other times I find myself almost squeezed against paper, that’s when she’s reading a book, those are the best days, much better than when she reads on a reader, that thing drives me nuts when it gets so hot. Just awful.
She’s beautiful in her own, human way. So am I in my own bacterial way. I’m beautiful to my mom, to my boy and girl friend, to myself when I see myself reflected in her eyes. Our coexistence is not been always calm as it is now. We have gone through a rough period of time when she struggled to get rid of me, condemning me for getting her skin itchy. She was right but, hey can I change my nature? can anyone? She tried almost any kind of stuff to wash me away. I had to move several times, but I have always come back, I like this place on her hand, it’s….handy!
Later on she started washing her hands a thousand times a day, not only with water, gosh no! She used all kind of skin cleanser, alcohol free lotions, disinfectants, stuff like that. I found out why: she’s a nurse. So talking about choices, I’m living on the hand of a nurse! how lucky uh? Anyway we finally have settled. I have moved to her feet not to get her itchy, she resigned herself to me. We’ve found our way to recognize our respective beauties.